We offer pralinés in dark chocolate with a filling of baked apples, white chocolate with a filling of Riesling wine or milk chocolate with a prosecco filling. Our pralinés are made with hollow moulds which are filled by hand with the appropriate filling and then sealed. They are always prepared fresh to order. No colouring and flavouring agents are used. We use only the finest chocolate products, namely Callebaut and Vairhona.

Percentage of cocoa

  • Milk chocolate at least 31.7%
  • White chocolate: 28.0%
  • Dark chocolate: 60.1%

Each praline is a real delight to eat.

Pralinés made with beer are created with a creamy beer filling and covered in milk or white chocolate. The so-called "Wingertsknorze" (resembling a miniature piece of gnarled vine branch) consists of a mixture of Dornfelder wine and marzipan coated in dark chocolate. The "Happen" (morsels) with marzipan-nougat are dipped in the finest of dark chocolate and decorated with lines of milk chocolate.

Unsere Sorten

  • Beer cream pralinés in milk chocolate or white chocolate
  • Brandy pralinés in dark chocolate
  • "Glühwein" (mulled wine) pralinés in dark chocolate.
  • Prosecco pralinés in milk chocolate
  • Riesling pralinés in white chocolate
  • Roast apple pralinés in dark chocolate
  • Whisky cream pralinés
  • "Wingertsknorze" (marzipan with Dornfelder wine) in dark chocolate

Our pralinés are delivered from September to April.