You can contact us with regard to the various types of gifts which we can prepare for you and you can order the specific wine or beer jelly you desire. Appropriate gift boxes and gift baskets can be compiled accordingly.

  • Cardboard gift box with 1 bottle of wine, 100g appropriate jelly and 8 pralinés
  • Cardboard gift box with 1 bottle of beer, 100g beer jelly and 8 pralinés
  • Small gift basket with 4 (100g) jars of different jellies, pestos or chutneys
  • Small gift box with transparent film with 3 (50g) jars of different jellies or chutneys
  • Wooden treasure chest with 1 (200g) jar of jelly or chutney
  • Double bottle carrier of untreated wood containing 200 ml bottles of elder blossom syrup, elderberry juice or liqueurs

Each of these can be compiled in accordance with your own wishes. The individual liqueur bottles are also attractively packed in foil. We would enjoy advising you, please contact us in this regard.

We have a large selection of materials available for the decorative doilies (all of them are cut by hand with the pinking shears).