Our jellies are always made fresh with great care before being filled into jars by hand.

Our jellies can also be used in a multitude of ways when preparing food. For example, our "Glühwein" (jelly made from mulled wine) enhances the flavour of dishes with game and pates and also adds flavour to sauces. The onion preserve goes with fondue, cheese, cold roasted meat, roastbeef or can be enjoyed quite simply on its own as a spread for bread. The "Feuerzangenbowle" jelly (in recognition of the German punch made with a rum-soaked sugarloaf) is prepared with fresh juices and imported rum and therefore goes well with dessert. The Riesling jelly is well suited to a salad vinaigrette and to pasta with shrimps. The jellies made with either Dornfelder wine or with beer ensure a marvellous taste experience when used in a dark sauce. The baked apple jam is excellently suited for filling pancakes, Kaiserschmarrn (cut-up and sugared pancakes with raisins) or crepes.

We have also created a jelly made with mead and Morello cherries, our "Lindwurmblut".

Wine Jellies

In first place, we would mention our Riesling jelly with the special wine flavour. The second noteworthy brand is a strong-flavoured jelly made with Dornfelder wine. For the Christmas season we offer a jelly of mulled wine made according to an old, traditional recipe. It contains ingredients such as the seeds of vanilla beans and the bean itself, allspice berries, star anise, cardamom capsules, cloves, lemon juice and fresh zest of lemon and orange

Beer Jellies

For the beer jellies light wheat beers and dark beers are used. Dark beer jellies are also available in the "vanilla cinnamon" flavouring. This goes well with butter pretzels or on fresh rye bread. It can also be used a lot in cooking (e.g. for enhancing dark sauces, or for cold roast meat or to go with a hearty pork roast with crunchy crackling).

Naturally you can have your own beers made into fine jellies, liqueurs or for pralinés and have them supplied with the label of your own Company.

Jellies from Spirits and Brandies

A recent introduction to our range of products has taken the form of jellies made from high-quality spirits, brandy and whisky. Here too they are made in accordance with our own recipe which retains the natural aroma, the colour and the flavour and again, no additives are used.

Naturally your own distillates can be used for this purpose. The filling quantity in question is 50g or 100g. It goes without saying that your own labels can be attached to the products.

Seasonal Jellies

In accordance with the changing seasons different sorts are offered such as e.g. "Maibowle"- Jelly with fresh woodruff for the breakfast table in May, or a "Federweißer"- jelly offered at the time of grape-picking (the term "Federweisser" referring to the young wine still in the process of fermenting). This jelly goes well with onion quiche and with the speciality known as "Kartoffelkäse" where the basic ingredients are mashed potatoes with onion, sour cream and spices. We offer an exclusive jelly made with sparkling wine or champagne with gold flakes.

Our varieties

  • Beer jelly, light coloured
  • Brandy jelly
  • Champagne jelly by request with gold flakes for special occasions such as weddings, christenings or as an exclusive gift (Moet or Veuve Clicquot)
  • Coffee jelly
  • Dark beer jelly
  • Dark beer jelly with vanilla cinnamon flavour
  • Dornfelder rosé jelly
  • Habanero jelly
  • Red wine jelly
  • Riesling jelly
  • Whisky jelly

Seasonal Jellies

  • "Federweißer" jelly made from the new wine of the region
  • "Maibowle" jelly made with fresh woodruff (without artificial flavouring agents)
  • Mulled wine jelly with fresh spices and juices with delicate seasoning