Cake in the „Tin”

All our cakes are baked in accordance with old, traditional recipes. They are baked to order by our master baker using the very best ingredients. Because of this the taste is always beautifully fresh and consistently good.

The best Callebaut chocolate is used for the whisky cake so that the whisky can impart its full flavour to the chocolate. The beer cake is baked with barley malt and hops.

For the coffee cake we use freshly-brewed coffee made from beans roasted and ground just prior to preparation. The red wine cake is baked with the best Dornfelder wine from regional vintners.

The cakes are baked direct in the tins and are immediately sealed while still hot. This means they can be kept for a long period.

Our Varieties at a Glance

  • Beer cake
  • "Bierbrandkuchen" ( cake made with distillate of beer) – new
  • Citron cake
  • Coffee cake
  • Red wine cake
  • Riesling (white wine) cake
  • Spice cake with dried fruit – new
  • Spice cake with dried fruit and whisky – new
  • Unicorn cake - new
  • Walnut cake
  • Whisky cake

Spicy Cakes

  • Cheese and bacon cake
  • Pizza cake